She might have given me HIV!

October 22, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am actually writing to you in shock, pain and a broken-heart. I have been with this girl for almost a year. I trusted and loved her to the level that we started to have unprotected sex because we have been together for some time now and we were both disease free. This girl cheated on me, pastor, and on top of that she gave me an infection, and possibly HIV. I said possibly HIV because I haven't done a check up yet. It's been one week and one day since I had sex with her and now I have started seeing symptoms of Chlamydia. Pastor, I found out that she cheated on me because I used my head on her and told her I had a serious infection so she must be honest with me about who else she had sex with. She then revealed that it was true, she in fact had sex with a man she met on Facebook. She left from the parish of Manchester and travelled all the way to Kingston to meet this man and spent three days at this man's house where they had unprotected sex. Pastor, I am a soldier and trust me, my blood ran cold and my heart started to pound very hard when I listened to this girl speaking. I wanted to end her life right away but, pastor, I prayed to the Lord and begged him to take control of my body and not let me find this girl and end her life. I don't think I can forgive her for what she has done to me. The relationship was going great and she went ahead and messed it all up just because the man promised her money. I really never knew I was with someone like this. God forgives but I don't. Guide me, pastor. Help me not to stray to the bad side of me.


Dear Heartbroken,

It might be tough for some people to accept what I am about to say but I will say it nonetheless. Never trust a person because he or she says, "I love you and I will be faithful to you even though we are not married." Even sometimes when people are married and you suspect that they might be cheating you should not trust them to the extent where you would have unprotected sex with them. This woman and you were going together for one year. You believed that she was being faithful to you so you were having unprotected sex with her. She is a bad young woman. She was prepared to cheat and she did not care. If she had cared about you and about herself she would not have had unprotected sex with another man who was a complete stranger. Both of you need to see a doctor immediately. Follow his/her advice and then go your separate ways. Don't be a fool. Perish the thought of ending her life. Think of your future. You will get another woman in your life before you can count 1, 2, 3.


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