She refuses to practise birth control

October 22, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am 26 and I have a girlfriend. We have a child together. I try to support my child and to give my girlfriend money for herself every two weeks. She is not working. We have sex every week but she is always complaining that we are not having sex enough. This girl does not want me to use the condom and she always wants to perform oral sex on me. I am saving to buy a piece of land so I told her that she should protect herself by taking the pill but now pastor, she is pregnant again and I am upset. She is trying to follow her mother. Her mother has seven children for four different men and none of them helped her. I am having it hard, pastor. I told her that after this baby she should tie off. She said she will never do that, so I am asking you to give me your opinion.


Dear N.C.,

Your child's mother is not using common sense. She enjoys having sex but you have tried to reason with her and to show her why she ought to protect herself if she is against using the condom. Were you under the impression that she was on the pill? I suppose you were. You believe in planning the family. Your woman would take things as they come, too bad. She does not want to do the tubal ligation operation and frankly I don't think you should insist that she does. I believe that both of you should discuss this matter with your family physician and he/she would give you the appropriate advice.


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