Couples should not compete with each other

October 27, 2015

Dear Pastor,

Any man who is intimidated by an independent woman has an inferiority complex. Even before the woman begins her upward mobility the man begins to fuss. Such a man needs to have himself sorted out; otherwise, he will never feel comfortable in her presence. An independent woman is assertive and takes the lead role. This makes males try to be equal to the task. But these women prefer their men to be supportive and not try to dominate them, because the women are comfortable in their skin and capabilities.


Dear R,

Well said. It is time for couples to realise that they ought not to compete with each other. Instead they should learn to work together and lay a strong foundation for their children. Some men are indeed intimidated by their women. Many men are not married because their women are making more money than they are and they are uncomfortable with that. When two people are in love and respect each other they learn to work together and none threatens the other. But I must hasten to say only mature couples work in harmony. Some men who are married should not have been married because they are too jealous and immature. And the same can be said of some women.


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