In love with another man


October 30, 2015

Dear Pastor,

Greetings to you. I have been with my boyfriend for two years, but it is hard to relate to him.

I used to live in one of other Caribbean islands and I got involved with one of the men there. He was nice to me, but he had a girlfriend and she accused me of trying to take him away from her.

These girls say that Jamaican women love to take away their men, but it is the men who are after us. They say we are good looking and that we can dress and dance.

This guy over there saw me at a club and I gave him a lap dance and he took my number and we became friends.

When I was leaving the country, he did not want me to leave, but I did not want them to deport me, so I left.

I am here in Jamaica with this guy, but my mind is still on the other man. I don't know what to do.


Dear T.H.,

You would be better off trying to get your mind off this man. He has his woman down there and he is not going to marry you. The woman from his native land is not going to allow that to happen. "It would be death before dishonour", so keep yourself quiet, you hear. I beg you.

You have a boyfriend here in Jamaica. Try and make life with him. Of course, if you don't love him, let him know and move on, but forget the man in the island.


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