My wife keeps threatening me!


November 02, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I love my wife but she is threatening me. My wife doesn't love me. I get paid fortnightly and if one fortnight passes and she does not get money from me it is war at the house. I am planning to leave her after being married to her for 20 years. I thought she would have changed but I was wrong.


Dear O.T.,

Your wife and yourself don't communicate very well but I would like to ask you, why is it that you do not give your wife the money that she should get from you every two weeks? Is it that you are not paid or you are blowing your money on other women and your wife knows it? Are you trying to say that whenever you work you don't always get paid? Generally women are reasonable and if you communicate with them and reason with them they will work with you, so if there are weeks that you are unable to give your wife money, I doubt very much that she would be so upset and fuss with you. Sir, try to keep your marriage. Both of you have been together for twenty years. You understand her. You may say she is miserable but don't fool yourself. If you were to get another woman and you don't give that woman money she will war with you just the same. You know how the old saying goes. "New broom sweep clean but old broom knows all the corners". Outside women can be very nice to men as long as these men give them money. But when men become ill and can't give them money they dump them. Treat your woman right. Take care of yard. If you know you are playing around with outside women, don't do that at the expense of your wife. Men who play that game are not wise.


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