Your jealous wife might need psychotherapy

November 12, 2015


Dear Pastor,

I am 31. I have been married for five years. My wife and I have had our ups and down but I can say that we get along in a fair manner. I Know when it comes to the opposite sex she doesn't trust me at all. If we are driving together and I see a girl, I can't make a comment.

My wife has even embarrassed me because we went out together at a function and I commented on one of the girls how lovely she looked. My wife used a bad word to remind me that she is sitting next to me so I should shut up my "what's it, what's it" mouth and follow the



sister can't stay


Her younger sister is coming to Jamaica and she wants to spend week with us. She is married. My wife said she can't stay with us because of me. I asked her what I have done and she said I am going to lust after her sister and her sister is too flirty, she may take me on and fight may break out in her house.

Pastor, I am so hurt to know that my wife does not trust me, not even with her sister in the house. She told her sister that the most she can spend with us is one night because we have to go to work. Pastor, it is her sister. Going to work has nothing to do with it and the girl's husband would be here. Since I have been married to this girl it is only twice I have cheated but she doesn't know that. It was with one of her friends who wanted $3,000, and I gave her and begged her for a little sex and she gave me, and I told her she doesn't have to pay me back. It happened twice. We didn't continue having sex because she has her man. My wife doesn't know that. Imagine my wife would not make her sister and her husband come and stay with us because of me.


cheated previously


Sometimes I wonder if it is because when I met her she had a boyfriend and she cheated on him with me. When she said her sister cannot come to stay I told her that because she cheated with me does not mean that her sister would cheat on her husband, and her husband is going to be around anyway. She was so hurt. She told me she would burn me up with hot water. I am sorry I said that to her but I was upset. I think my wife needs a baby to settle her down. She still tells me that she is not ready. What should I do?


Dear S.J.,

Your wife knows that you are a charmer. When you met her she had a boyfriend and you pulled her away from him and convinced her to cheat on her boyfriend. She feels that if you were able to cause her to cheat you would do the same to her sister, so she does not trust you, period. And that is very unfortunate because her sister and her husband are being denied a place to stay.

If they were to stay with your wife and yourself they would saved some money and you would have good fellowship together, but your wife does not see it so. She believes that what you have in your pants is going to put you in trouble and her sister is already flirty. It is not only you that she cannot trust. It is also her sister. Too bad.

Seriously speaking, I think your wife is being ridiculous. Her sister is going to have her husband with her. You would be crazy to have a sexual relationship with her. That just doesn't make sense and the excuse that she is giving to her sister is ridiculous. I could be wrong but I do believe that there is more to it than what she is saying.

Perhaps your wife needs physiological help. If a man cannot see another woman and comment about her or his wife would attack him at any function, she probably needs psychotherapy. She might be out of her mind. Suggest to her that both of you should go and see a family counsellor or psychologist. She said she is not ready to have a baby. Perhaps she shouldn't become a mother at all because she gives the impression that she is not stable.


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