Some women only want money

November 20, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I met a young woman in January this year. At the time, my babymother and I were having problems. She was also having problems with her boyfriend, too. After getting to know her for a week, she started asking me for money. She said her boyfriend had stopped giving her money. She was not working.

I decided to pay the area a visit. When I got into the area, I saw women washing. I asked if they knew her. They said, "Yes", and asked who I was.

I told them I was in business and the business place sent me in search of her.

Before I left the area, I found out she was lying to me. She was still living with her boyfriend. He is a soldier.

When I found her house, I stayed at the gate. I did not go in because the women told me she was living with her soldier man.

When she saw me, she almost fainted. She had not expected me to check her out. I told her I would never want to get her into trouble with her boyfriend. She promised to return the money. I told her she could keep it.

When I went that day I was hoping we could have had sex, but when I found out she was living with her man, that feeling disappeared.

Pastor, some of these girls are ginals. They only want money. Looking at her, I could never tell that she was a thief.


Dear S.T.,

Evidently, this young woman was after money. She is not clever. A clever girl would not have told you the name of the district in which she lives. I am glad you found out the truth about her and were wise enough not to go into her yard. Keep away from trouble, sir.


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