I don't know what she has done with my child

November 23, 2015

Dear Pastor,

Two years ago, I was jumping up in a band in carnival having a good time. There were some girls there. I didn't know them, but all of us were jumping up and carrying on. I met this girl who held on to me and after we finished jumping she couldn't find her friends. She told me she did not know Kingston and she had come with them. I asked her where her clothes were. she did not have anything more than what she had on because the other girls left her. I told her she could come with me.

I was living with my sister, so I told my sister the situation and my sister questioned her and gave her some clothes. She stayed with us for three days. I went to the bank and withdrew some money. I gave her the money to go home. We had sex once. She couldn't find her cell phone. It was crazy. I called the number she gave me and a man answered and asked me who gave me his girlfriend number. I told him that I dialled the wrong number and I hung up.

I got a call one day from her. She told me that I shouldn't be worried, I got her pregnant but she was going to abort it. I told her no because that would be my first child and I would take care of it. She said she could not carry the baby because she is sure that it is not her boyfriend who got her pregnant. She hung up the phone and I never heard from her again. I would like to see her again and I would like to know the child, that's if she carried the pregnancy. I asked my sister to call the number, but my sister refused. She said she is not going to lie if the man answered. I am so worried because I don't know what happened to her and if she had an abortion or she carried the pregnancy.


Dear T.L.,

I suggest that you do not fret about this young woman. Perhaps she terminated the pregnancy because she has a boyfriend, and perhaps they are living together and she is afraid that he would abuse her if indeed she was pregnant. I believe that if this girl had carried the pregnancy she would have contacted you again. So, don't be worried.

What has happened to this young lady is not unusual. She accompanied friends and came to Kingston to had a good time. And she wasn't careful in keeping close to her friends, so she got lost in the crowd. They

didn't know where she was and they had to return home. You behaved as a good Samaritan, but you benefited by having sex with her.

On the other hand, you behaved as a very careless young man. You should have known that you should not have had unprotected sex with this young woman, not only to protect her from pregnancy but also to protect yourself from STDs. I hope that you would not continue to be careless and that you would try your best to use wisdom at all times.


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