My boyfriend doesn't trust me


November 24, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am 18. Iam having problems, at home and with my boyfriend. He doesn't trust me. Whenever he hears things about me he wants to beat me up. People don't like me. They say I am a show off. When guys call me I respond to them by telling them good morning or good evening. My boyfriend doesn't like when I respond to them. I got a job and I am trying to help myself. I still depend to my boyfriend to help me out. My father doesn't care about me. I would like to go back to school. I wanted to become a policewoman but I have changed my mind. I want to do something that would make me rich so that I can help my mother. I would like to get a house so that my mother can live in there.

Every time we have sex I feel pain. His penis is very large and he is rough. When we first started having sex I complained and he told me I would get accustomed to his penis, but I am still not accustomed. I don't want us to break up because I love him. I know, he does not want to get me pregnant. I am never out of money so I don't want to lose him.


Dear L.K.,

Your boyfriend is taking advantage of your situation. He knows you are glad for his help so he is demanding that you do what he says at all times. He is insecure. Only an insecure man tells his girlfriend what she should do and what friends she should keep. Both of you need counselling. You are an ambitious girl. This young man demands sex from you often. That is generally what men in his age group want more than anything else. I hope he understands what you are going through and learns to be a gentleman. Discuss with your doctor the problems you face when you have sex and follow their advice.


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