Help, I need a job


December 09, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I have always been one to look on the brighter side of life, but now I feel hopeless.

I am a past student of a prominent high school in Clarendon. I aspire to become a lawyer or a journalist. I have been out of school for almost three years now. I am unable to further my education as a result of financial constraints. In light of this, I have put aside the immediate possibility of being enrolled in a tertiary institution.

I decided to seek employment so as to save towards my educational pursuit. This, too, proved futile. I am educated and unemployed. I have eight CXC subjects - eight grade ones and eight (8) CAPE subjects (both units).

Being hopeless, I desire to become a part of the Canadian or American Farm Work Programmge. Will this work out?

I don't know what else to do. My options seem exhausted. I am unsure of the steps to take to achieve this. I wrote to the Member of Parliament hoping to get a favourable response but no one has responded to me.

Pastor, can you help?


Dear Hopeless,

You have done very well. You have very good passes and though you are unable to go to college at the moment, you should not give up.

You have not mentioned anything about student loan. That is a very important route that you could take. You should definitely consider applying and while you are pursuing that route, you should try and get a job. Take anything that will help you to support yourself financially.

Be prepared to do any type of job that is legal. Many professionals have had to wait tables and relied heavily on tips. Some have worked as helpers but today they are proud of their achievements. Don't be discouraged. Trust the Lord.


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