My lover wants me to give my man a ‘jacket’

December 23, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I wrote to you about a month, or two, ago, regarding a man I cannot stop thinking about, my boss at the place I work. He probably noticed I was hurting too much by thinking of him. One day he saw me and asked why was I looking so sad. Heasked if it was because of him. I answered and said, "No, and even if it were you, there is nothing you could do about it."




Nonetheless, we started a conversation. He figured my boyfriend was off the island so we went out the Friday evening. He brought a belated birthday gift for me. He spent the night at my place. We got really carried away. We ended up having sex. Now I am pregnant with his baby.

I mentioned to him that I am pregnant with his child. He wants me to carry the child, have him be the god-father and give the baby to my boyfriend. He would continue to support me and the baby.

I wrote a resignation letter to my supervisor to stop working as an administrator at the end of this school term because I do not want things to get more complicated than they already are. Furthermore, I don't want to break up his marriage.

Pastor, I need your advice. Should I give this baby to my boss or my boyfriend?


Dear S.F.,

I recall your first letter and I had warned about the relationship. I admonished you to leave this man and stay with your boyfriend. I said also both of you are to be blamed for getting involved because you knew he was married and you have your man. It is evident that you don't care and both behaved as silly people.

In your first letter, you said this man had oral sex with you, but you did not reciprocate. I did not believe you then and I don't believe you now.

Both of you have been behaving as if you would prefer to abandon your partners and be together. Both of you are old enough to know that if people have unprotected sex, the woman can become pregnant.

This man is a deceiver. It is wrong for him to suggest you should try to pass on this pregnancy to your boyfriend. You know your boyfriend didn't get you pregnant. You know who the father is. You know you would be lying if you were to suggest to your boyfriend that he got you pregnant. How could your boyfriend get you pregnant while he is away? What nonsense is that?

This man is not only a deceiver but takes you for a fool. He wants you to choose him as the godfather of the child so he can give you money regularly, pretending to be godfather, but,n essence, he is the father supporting his child. Oh, the depravity of man. So many men supporting children they believe they fathered, but they are 'jackets'.

I'll have to say you have not been a good young woman I must repeat what I had said to you in answering your first letter. Both of you are to be blamed for the predicament in which you have found yourself. You cannot lie yourself out of trouble, so face the issue and do what is right.


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