Confused about my taxi man boyfriend


December 29, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I have been with a man for seven years. He is 35 and I am 40. He drives a taxi but it is not his. He is driving for a man and he has to give this man money every day. Sometimes I don't see him for days, and when he comes home he doesn't have any money to give me. Sometimes I call him and ask him where he is and he says that he didn't make much money so he is trying to hustle some. The other times, he said what he made was just enough to give the owner. I tired to tell him not to come back but he always comes, and when he comes I give him food because I have a soft heart. I don't know what to do with him.


Dear F.,

It seems to me that you love this man and I am going to suggest that you don't run him. If sometimes you do not see this man for days, where is he sleeping, in his car or does he have a place of his own? Some men are really hustlers so whenever he comes around if you can help him with a little food give him but don't allow him to use you. If you were to find out that he has another woman then don't let him into your house at all. End the relationship with him but for right now help him because he seems as if he doesn't have anybody to help him. However, remember I could be wrong.


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