I prefer older women


January 08, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Some young men prefer older women because they have more experience and not money grabbers, like some of the younger women. It is not all the time young men are looking for something from older women. They genuinely love them.


Dear V,

Many have said they prefer older women, but their reason is that older women are more willing to support them, not only with money, but with their time. They do things for them without complaining. Younger women remind young men they are not helpers. Older women pamper and treat them as children who should be nurtured.

Many young men are also afraid younger women will cheat, but older women are not likely to do so. What some older women fail to realise is that some young men get excited when they have relations with them.

However, after a while, the excitement fades and the younger men eventually go with younger women.

When the older women become aware and talk about it, the men curse and tell them the need to keep their 'old foot' quiet. Some describe them in a derogatory manner, which is unfit to print.


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