I had sex with my girlfriend's friend

January 11, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Good day to you. I am 20 and I am in a problem. I have a girlfriend and she is abroad. She will be back soon. She has some girlfriends and we go out together. I am the only one at my parents' home because they are spending time with my sister in America who is expecting a baby. My mother especially is there to help her. I have the whole house for myself so these girls come and sleep sometimes. My girlfriend knows about it.

I find myself loving one of them. She is really cute and she has a nice body. One day she called me and told me that she is going to come to see me. I did not know that she was going to come alone. I thought that another girl would come with her but she came alone with a bag of clothes and said she was going to spend a couple days with me. I told her that would be all right but I wouldn't want my girlfriend to know that she was here alone. She laughed and said she is not that stupid.

She wanted me to buy dinner and I said, "No, there is chicken in the fridge so we can cook". She put on a pair of shorts and came into the kitchen with me and we cooked. While we were cooking she was telling me how much she loves me. She also said that she did not have any money and she wanted me to help her. The only money I had, pastor, was to pay the bills and I got that from my parents. They sent the money to me.




After we ate and washed up we played music as if we were having a party. The temptation faced me and I could not resist kissing her and I took her to bed. It is the longest time in my life that I have spent making love to a girl. I wanted to do certain things but she wanted to be in control. Then she started to say that she was going to take me away from my girlfriend. I can't out of respect tell you some of the things that she made me do and that she did to me.

I don't know what happened but that girl while I was sleeping searched and found the money that I had in the house. The only person who should know where I had that money is me, myself and I, nobody else. It was $20,500 that I had put away. I didn't miss the money right away but after we had something to eat she told me that she got a call from one of her relatives so she would cut short her visit. I told her she could not leave me like that, so both of us had a shower together and we had sex again and she left.




From the time she left I tried to call her but her phone went into voicemail. I decided to check for the money in the later afternoon and the money was gone. I cannot tell my girlfriend about it. I can't tell anybody about it because it is so strange that there is no trace of the money anywhere and I can't find this girl.

Pastor, I don't even know her last name. This is the girl who told me how much she loved me and she would take me away from my girlfriend and now she is nowhere to be found. I can't believe that this girl conned me. I know that she took the money but I am wondering how that happened and how she knew the money was there. I can't tell any of my friends about it because they would laugh at me and my girlfriend may leave me so give me your advice.


Dear M.J.,

This girl smart. You believed that she stole your money and it does appear that way. She doesn't want to answer the phone because she knows that you are going to ask her about the money. Now you haven't said where you kept the money. You thought it was safe. Some girls listen keenly to what men say, so perhaps you said something to that girl which made her realise that you had money in the house. She most likely looked around and figured where you may keep that money.

Some men are famous for keeping money in their jacket pockets. Men who hide money from their wives push money in their socks or in their shoes. Some hide money in what they

consider to be secret compartments of their bag. Most people hide money under their mattress etc. Now this girl evidently gave you such a work out in bed that you slept for a long time and she had the time to search. She has taught you some valuable lessons. One, never trust a stranger. Two, don't allow the beauty of a woman and her sweet words to entice you because you may get tricked. Three, don't cheat. Four, your losses could be greater than a few hours of sexual pleasure.

You might not find this girl for a long time and when you do, she will lie. And if you were to tell anybody that you suspect that she stole your money she will deny it and lie on you. I hope that you are in a position to replace the money and to pay the bills. I wish to say, before I go, that I hope that you did not have unprotected sex with this woman. Judging from your letter this girl engaged in kinky sex. I would suggest that you go to a medical doctor for a check-up.


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