I need back my ex girl


January 13, 2016

Dear pastor,

Greetings, I have an ex-girlfriend that I am dying to get back

with, but I am not sure if the feeling is mutual. We broke up a couple months ago, but since recently it seems as if I cannot get her off my mind. Recently, when we were around each other, it seems as if she still enjoys my company because we talk, kiss and do everything apart from having sex.

When we are not together, if I don't text or call her, we don't talk and that gets me confused. I don't know what to do and I really like her. What do you think is going on or what should I do?


Dear Confused,

This young woman is not interested in continuing to have an intimate relationship with you. But I can see why you are confused. She allows you to kiss her, and by doing so you get the impression that everything is well between both of you. But you should know by now that it is not so. She sees you as a friend and whenever you see her, she doesn't want to send you home dry, so she kisses you, but that is the furthest she is prepared to go.

After both of you go your separate ways, she is not interested in getting a call from you or even to know how you are doing. The relationship, as far as she is concerned, is dead. But perhaps if she doesn't have anyone to take her out and you are available, she will go with you, but that is where it stops. I hope you understand what I have said. Don't expect any sex from this girl, and keep your sanity. Don't run behind her like a puppy.


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