I refuse to have sex before marriage


January 15, 2016

Dear pastor

I am in my early 20s. I hope to get married soon. My boyfriend used to have lots of girls. That is what he told me. Since becoming a Christian, he has stopped running around.

It has been six months since got engaged. We are planning to get married in August. I like his father, but not his mother. He told me his mother said she hopes he is not buying 'puss in bag'. She said he should try to get me pregnant before we get married.

I told him I will not have sex with him. One night when he was taking me home, he suggested we go to his house first, so we can have sex, no one needed to know we did. I told him no, but he didn't stop.

I did not say anything. When we got to his home, I refused to come out of the car, so he took me home. When I was getting out of the car, I took off the ring and handed it to him. He did not take it, so I dropped it on the ground. He was upset. So was I.

His mother sings on the church choir, so I reported her to the bishop. The bishop spoke to her. She denied everything. My boyfriend and I have made up, but he said I should not report him or his mother to the bishop. Please tell me if I was right.


Dear S.D.

I do not doubt at all, that the mother of your fiancE told him he should not buy 'puss in bag'.

Mothers and fathers tell their sons that all the time.

Your fiancE was wrong to try to force you to have sex with him. However, I am glad that you agreed to stay together. He wants to know if you can get pregnant. Would he be satisfied if you visit a doctor to prove you can be impregnated? Ask him.


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