My ex-wife is trying to destroy my marriage


January 19, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Allow me to commend you for the work you are doing. I am Jamaican, but I live outside of Jamaica. I am married to a woman I met in college many years ago. She is a darling. She has helped me a lot. My former wife, a Jamaican, has refused to move on. She cheated on me twice. I forgave her the first time and she did it again. I was sure about it because evidence was all over the place, including in the toilet bowl. She, or the guy, forgot to flush and the condom they used was still in the toilet.

Pastor, what I grieved about is that my wife allowed the guy to come into our home and have sex with her. When I showed her the condom in the bowl, she said she did not know how it got in there. It could be our son who had used it and did not flush the toilet. Our son was 17 and not in town. I did not hit her, she started to say, "If you hit me I will call the police." I called my sister. She came and took me away.

My wife doesn't have any children. We would love to but I am 50. My wife is also 50.

My ex-wife constantly calls the house, saying nasty things to my wife. We are church people. My pastor said these are the trials some couples go through when they are divorced and married. Keep up the good work, Pastor.


Dear W.S.,

Your ex-wife should settle down. She should become accustomed to the loss. She will not continue to harass your wife forever. I suppose she is hoping your wife will become fed up and leave. She is probably wasting her time. Continue to treat your wife well. If your former wife respected you, she would not have brought another man into your house and have sex with him. It is either the man wilfully left the toilet unflushed so you would see what took place or he forgot. I don't know which. If he wilfully left the toilet unflushed, he wanted you to know your wife was unfaithful to you and he was the 'bunner man'. I believe if she had seen it, she would have flushed. I wish you and your new wife the best.


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