His mother hates me


January 20, 2016

Dear pastor,

Every week I read your column. When I can't buy THE STAR, I get it from a friend. I am 23. I have a boyfriend. We have been together for two-and-a-half years. We have a one-year-old child together. His mother never liked me. I did everything for her to like me, but it didn't work.

When I got pregnant my babyfather took me to live with him. His matter has three sons, but he was the only one living at home. She would show me 'bad face'. She became ill and died.

After she died I noticed my boyfriend changed. I asked him what was the problem. He said his mother told him that he should have never got married to me. He started to stay out very late. A man was living in a small cottage in the yard when he started accusing me of having a relationship with. That was not true.

My mother decided to take the baby if I got a Job. He was against that, but I got a job and my mother kept the baby during the week. I came home in the evenings, washed his clothes and cooked his dinner.

When I tried to have sex with him, he pushed me away. He said every time he had sex with me his mother came to him in a dream and warned him not to have sex with me. He said one night she was very angry, so he doesn't want to have sex with me anymore. I told him he should give me time to leave. When I found a place he changed his mind. He told me his mother came to him and begged me to ask her to forgive me for what I did to her. I did not do his mother anything so how could he want me to ask for her forgiveness?

I got to find out that my boyfriend had a woman who was seven months pregnant. He said yes, the child was his, but it is because his mother didn't want him to have sex with me, so he had sex with another woman. However, I am his wife and he knows where to go to block out his mother from the bedroom when we are having sex.


Dear T. E.

Your child's father has taken you for a fool. It is total nonsense he is talking about seeing his mother in a dream and she warned him not to have sex with you. This man must think that you don't have any sense at all. He is a liar, and a very big liar too. He should be ashamed of himself.

He is aware that his mother didn't like you very much and, perhaps, because he got involved with another woman he was trying to find an excuse for his behaviour. If his mother appeared to him in a dream and told him not to have sex with you, she should have also appeared to you in a dream, telling you not to have sex with him. Nothing like that is happening. He is lying on his mother and lying on himself.

While he was having an affair with another woman you were working yourself out to take care of him. If the job that you have is steady and can pay your bills, get out of this man's house, go on your own. You will live a peaceful life.


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