Saving sex for Valentine's Day


January 20, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 22. My girlfriend is 19. I love her. I am sure she loves me. I trust her. She is a role model to other girls in our community. She is dignified, so some girls don't like her. She is still a virgin. She said she would like to remain a virgin until Valentine's Day. I told her it is alright with me. She is lady-like and wears her skirt just above her knees. She does not wear shorts on the road.

We went to the beach and had on a two-piece bathing suit and a big T-shirt to cover her up. I am proud of her. She can sing very well. I promised to help her go back to school. Her uncle is going to help her too. She needs two more subjects. That is what she is working on. My friends told me I should not spend so much money on her because she may leave me when she gets her profession. I love this girl and am trying to keep her. I don't find any fault in her.


Dear K.E.

I am glad to know you have found a good woman and the relationship is strong. Is it because Valentine's Day is a special day why she is prepared to give up her virginity? I suppose you are going to try your best to walk carefully so that she doesn't change her mind. Remember she doesn't have to have sex with you to prove her love. So don't be disappointed if when Valentine's Day comes she says no.

Do your best to help your girlfriend. Don't pay attention to what your friends are saying. Try your best to improve your education, also, so this young woman will not be way ahead while you lag behind. It is always advisable for young couples to study together.


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