My teacher said she is a virgin


January 27, 2016

My teacher said she is a virgin

Dear Pastor,

I am 17. I enjoy reading your column. I grew up in a strict family. I attend a popular high school.

A teacher told us that she is in her late 20s and not sexually active. She is still a virgin. Some of the girls laughed at her. Some said that they did not believe and her a liar. One of my schoolmates asked how she is still a virgin yet she is always with Mr...., a 'gallis'.

I told my mother about some of the talks going around in school. I wanted to ask her when is the best time for a girl to start having sex, but I didn't because I was afraid she would think that I have started or want to start having sex.

I do not have a boyfriend. Boys like me, but I told them I am not ready. My father teases me sometimes about boyfriends, but when he does my mother tells him not to ask me those questions. Is it true that a girl will suffer from headaches if she does not have sex?


Dear M.O,

You seem to have a good relationship with your parents. You should not be afraid to discuss sex with them, especially with your mother.

Men say crazy things to convince girls to have sex with them. One of the comments they always make is that girls will suffer headaches if they are not having sex. Don't allow yourself to be carried away by what these girls are saying that they heard from men.

The time will come when you will enjoy sex but, for now, concentrate on your lessons. Continue to serve God. Keep your virginity for your husband.


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