My boyfriend steals from me


January 29, 2016

Dear pastor,

My boyfriend and I are 28. Pastor, has caused all my friends to drop me. Only one brother could stand up to him. One day he disrespected me. I told my brother what he had said about me and my mother and my brother 'draped' him.

I cannot put down any money, he takes it away. One day he said he was going to 'bush', so I made him a sandwich. I had $5,000 under a book. He saw the money and took it. I knew he took it because the money was there the night before. Nobody was there with us that night. He and I had slept together that night.

Before he went through the door, I asked him if he hadn't seen the money on the night table. He said he hadn't, got vexed and said I was accusing of something he hadn't done.

I told him to pull out his pocket for me to see. He pulled out his pockets, no money was there. I grabbed the bag in which he had the sandwich. The money was in the bag. He said he did not know how it got there.

This man is a thief and a liar. Pastor, please tell me what to do. I have given my life to him, and still he steals from me. I feel so bad.


Dear Y.W,

If you continue in the relationship with this man, he will bring you down to nothing. He is not a good man, he is a thief. Anybody who will steal from a spouse should push his head in an ant nest. I cannot encourage you to continue the relationship with this man. I know you don't want to move from man to man, but you should not stay with this one. He will bring shame and disgrace on you, so run him. Take my suggestion, get out of this man's life.


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