My friends are not nice


February 05, 2016

Dear pastor,

I am 15 and in high school. I have a lot of friends and I love them. Pastor, some of them keep hurting my feelings. Sometimes they say things that are not relevant.

They always talk about fashion because, as you know, every young girl has to be in the trendiest outfits, nowadays.

Pastor, I can't afford to buy clothes like them. Whenever they see people dress well, or whenever a person converses with them, I feel as if they are putting that person over me.

My friends are very bright. They always get good grades. Sometimes I don't. The way they talk sometimes makes me feel as if they are showing off. I think they are very judgemental.

I just can't wait to finish high school to get away from all of them.


Dear M.E,

I encourage you to continue to do your best in school. It does not appear as if you have bad friends. Girls will be girls.

You are associating with girls who can afford to buy the type of clothes you cannot buy. These girls study hard and get better grades than you do. That does not mean you are dunce or that these girls do not appreciate your company. If they did not wish for you to be their friend, they would have told you and stopped associating with you.

When they talk about their grades, they are not necessarily showing off or rubbing it in your face, so to speak. They are only sharing with each other because they are happy to have high grades.

You are not failing. You are just not able to get high grades as yet. Don't be discouraged. There are people who have done very well in this world who were not brilliant students.

They did their work the best way they could, passed their subjects, went on to university, earned their degrees, and now have excellent jobs.

On the other hand, many who did well in high school, did not go further. Some got pregnant and made a wreck of themselves.

Perhaps you can become motivated by the good grades of your classmates. Try your best to excel. Don't be jealous of them. Pray. Ask God to help you to do well at all times.


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