My girlfriend is a gold digger


February 17, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 55 years old. My wife passed on two years ago. I am with a young woman, she is 37 years old. When we met and got together in bed she didn't complain, but now she is complaining every day. She wants me to give her money to visit her people in New York and to give her US$1,000 as spending money. One of our friends winked and told me that she is not planning to come back, so I shouldn't give her any money. I don't know what to do. She is after me every day. The things that she never used to do, she is doing now. I know that she is trying to soften me up to get me to agree for her to go and to give her spending money. Sometimes I tell myself I would buy her the ticket and let her go. But that ticket to New York is very expensive, and to give her US$1,000 on top of that tells me that she does not care. She is acting like a gold-digger.


Dear M.B.,

You are right. This woman is behaving like a gold-digger. But it might be in your interest to strike a compromise. If she wants to visit her relatives, tell her to come up with half the money for the ticket and let her relatives send her the other half, or let them pay for the ticket from their end, and you give her US$500 as spending money. You heard that she is not planning to come back to you, but you can't be sure of that. However, you should question her, and if she admits that she is not coming back, tell her that you cannot encourage her to break the law by staying in America illegally. You are 55 years old, so you have to be careful how you spend your money and not to allow a young woman to use you as a feeding tree. Why are you surprised that this woman is trying to go the extra mile with you these days? I will answer my own question. It is because she wants the money from you. It is not because she loves you more than when she met you. She wants to make a fool of you. But you are not senile and you should know what is going on. So don't walk on your senses. Be wise.

Let me hear from you again.


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