Girlfriend's mother thinks I'm too black


February 26, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am hurting. I have a girlfriend. She is 20. She lives with her mother. Every time I want to take her out, her mother objects. She wants me to ask if her daughter can go out with me. This is foolishness. She is past 18. To go out, without getting permission from her mother, she has to put clothes in her bag, go to the homes of friends, bathe and I pick her up from there and try to get her home by 10 o'clock. Otherwise her mother quarrels and say she is coming home too late.

I don't think her mother likes me. My girlfriend is of light complexion. I am black. Her mother likes light-complexion men. My girlfriend said her mother often tells her to get a man who is light-skin so she can have beautiful children.

I was the first man for this girl. Her mother doesn't know. When I tell her I am going to leave, she said I can't because she gave me her virginity. Do you believe it is right for her mother to be standing in the way of her daughter's progress?


Dear P.H.,

Perhaps the mother of this woman is overprotective. She still sees her daughter as a little girl, who needs her protection. She is a very silly woman. If her daughter wanted to be bad, she has a lot of time to do so.

However, I suggest you do your best to cooperate. When you are taking your girlfriend out on a date, call the mother and assure her she will be back in reasonable time.

Don't encourage your girlfriend to leave her mother's home to live with you. Use common sense. Your girlfriend's mother might not be using common sense, but if you cooperate, everything will be alright.


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