Another man gives my girlfriend money


March 02, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am living in Manchester. I have been listening to your programme since I was in high school.

However, I graduated four years ago. I have a situation that I need your advice. I have been talking to this girl for approximately one year now and I really love her.

When we first met she was in a relationship, but a complicated one. They both decided to go their separate ways and I started talking to her as a friend but, fortunately, we became intimate. About five months in the relationship, she told me that she had a man in Cayman, but she doesn't love him, it is only because he is supporting her daughter for four years now, by sending her to school, why she is with him.

Whenever this man calls her I feel really upset because I have to come out of the room. She told me that the reason why I have to leave the room is because she doesn't want him to see me or he would stop supporting the child.

Please give me your advice, dear pastor. I'll really appreciate it. Thank you.


Dear O.,

I cannot encourage you to continue in this relationship. This woman is a deceiver. She is having a relationship with the man who is living in Cayman because she can get money to support her child. Don't you think that she is fooling you, too? It is likely that you are giving her money too, so she is getting money from both sides. What makes you feel that she is not using you?

Don't be surprised if you were to hear about another man.

My suggestion is that you leave this woman and stop fooling yourself. She doesn't know anything about love. What she knows is how to get money from men.


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