I was rejected by my father


March 03, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am the first child for my parents. I became an outside child because both parents moved on and had other families, and my stepmom really gave me a hard time in life. I was like Cinderella. She treated her four girls (my sisters) like queens and I had to wash, clean and cook. When I cooked, she would make up her face and have negative things to say.

I will be 30 soon and I got my life together because I was a rebellious teenager. I am now happily married with one son and living in Europe with my lovely husband. I have a nursing degree and I am feeling thankful. My stepmom calls me daily saying how much she loves me and is always begging something. I give her out of the goodness of my heart, but wonder why I wasn't shown that love growing up.

I can never forgive my dad and stepdad for how they treated me, like a stone that a builder didn't need. Children like us always grow up and try to make the best of life to show them that what is not dead is not done. Your show teaches me and gives me confidence.


Dear K.,

Give God thanks. God has been good to you. You had a difficult time growing up, but nothing is impossible with God. Concerning your stepmother, when she makes her request of you and you are able to grant her request, do so with a willing heart. Yes, your father and step-father were not good to you, but forgive them. You find it difficult to do so but if you pray for them often, you would find it easier to forgive them. My prayers are with you. Congratulations.


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