Pregnant and babyfather refuses to help


March 04, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 20, pregnant and expecting the baby soon. Before I was pregnant, my boyfriend, now my ex, had told me he wanted a baby. I refused but he was determined to get me pregnant. I decided to protect myself, but I couldn't start family planning until my next period, which I missed.

I wanted an abortion. I actually got the money to do it, but didn't because he begged me not to, so did his mother. I broke up with him because he took my phone away from me just to know who I was talking to. I wasn't happy.

A few months into my pregnancy, I met someone else. I am happy, but my ex-boyfriend is not playing his part. He chases me off his phone, hangs up and disrespects me. He just doesn't care for me.

I had a child that died early last year. I have to use the things bought for him, with a little help from my partner. I need your advice on what to do to make him help me his baby, even though I was thinking about giving it up for adoption. I thank you for reading.


Dear Pregnant,

I am sorry you got involved so soon with another man. However, I hope your boyfriend will treat you much better than the man who got you pregnant. If you that you will not be able to take care of the baby and be a good mother, you should definitely consider giving him/her up for adoption. The father of the child does not care that's a shame, but make sure the child does not suffer.


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