I taught my man to read


March 09, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Thank you for helping Jamaica. I am married. My husband and I have two children together.

He took me with four children. People told him that he should not have married me because I already had four children.

What they did not know is this man could hardly read when I met him. I had to teach him to read. All he had was 'colour'. That's what he used to get girls. He is of light complexion and handsome.

When he went to the pastor, he explained everything to him. The pastor told him he was doing the right thing by getting married to me.

I didn't know that he could not read when I met him. It took me about four months to find out. It was one of my children who told me that the way they saw him with a newspaper caused them to question whether he could read. He did not turn it upside down. He had it sideways. That is how she suspected that he couldn't read.

I asked him what he did with his money. He said he gave it to a woman to save for him. She took all his money and went away. Sometimes when you see these men and they are so proud, they don't have anything in their heads, only in their pants.


Dear S.D.,

I am glad you were able to help this man. I can't imagine how a man feels not being able to read. You are happy with this man. That is what is important. A person can get such great comfort from reading the Bible. Can you imagine how your husband feels now that he can read. He is enjoying the rich blessings that are in the scripture. He can follow what the preacher says and can follow the reading lessons in church.


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