Our cheating mom left our faithful dad


March 14, 2016

Dear Pastor,

My parents have been married for 20 years, but they have known each other for more than 25 years. My parents used to live lovingly. My mother has never worked outside the home, so everything was left on my father. There are four children in the union. My mother left us and went abroad. After three months, she came back. Then she got a call from one of our friends to go back to America, and so off she went. My father did not bring any woman to the house. He tries to call her two or three times every week. He gave us money to put credit on our phones to call her. When we talk to our mother, she did not seem as if she missed us.

Every time we asked her when she was coming back, she said soon. One day, my father got a document from my mother telling him that she is going to divorce him. She said on the phone that she was going to try and make life abroad. My father showed all of us the papers, and he said to us that if it is that what she wanted he is going to sign it.

My mom got married again, but it is hard for us to accept what she did, knowing that our dad is such a good father. We didn't see our mother as a cheater. But now we know that she was living with her man in America. That is what people told us. They knew where she was living. My father does not trust women anymore. He is so hurt. On Father's Day, we invited a lady over to have dinner with us. We know she would make our father happy. He was very nice to the lady, but he laughed at us when the lady left. He asked us what were we trying to do and who told us that he needs a woman.

We know that he and this lady talks. Whenever our mother calls, he does not say a word to her. He hands the phone to us. Sometimes, I feel that we can never leave our father alone. He is a wonderful man and we love him very much.


Dear N.O.,

You have a wonderful father. It appears to me that your mother was suffering from greed. You wouldn't know whether or not she was suffering and it does not appear that way. I have known many women who have donea similar thing. They were very happy here with their husbands. They went abroad and suddenly discovered that they can live very happily over there and do much better financially than in Jamaica. So they divorced their husbands and marry men who have their permanent status in America. Some of them have ruined their lives. What they expected, they did not get.

I am glad you and your siblings are sticking with your father. Take good care of him. You see that he needs a female partner. He is very reluctant to go that way right now. However, with the encouragement of his children, he may change his mind. He has set a good example for his children. He is the type of father children would be proud of.


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