Caught my babyfather have sex with an underaged girl


March 16, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am with my child's father. He is my first lover. I have never cheated on him. I found out that he is having sex with a 14-year-old and my sister. I also caught him having sex with my best friend two days after we got engaged.


Dear A,

Why did you not report this man to the police? That is what a responsible individual would have if he or she found out that an adult was having sex with someone who is underage. How can you be comfortable with a man who is a paedophile? If you were engaged to him before you became aware he was having sex with the 14-year-old girl, you should have broken off the engagement.

You also said you caught this man having sex with your best friend. This man is sick. He needs psychotherapy. You should have nothing to do with him. You should have nothing to do with your best friend. If your sister was having sex with your man, the entire family is dysfunctional. Shame, shame, shame!

Make sure you see to it that this little 14-year-old girl gets therapy. Tell your sister she needs to go to see a psychologist. She has shamed herself and the entire family. Have absolutely nothing to do with this man.


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