Matie using evil spirit to kill wife

March 21, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am a concerned person. I don't like to see wickedness. There is a woman in Manchester who is having an intimate relationship with a married man. The married man's wife did not know anything about it until recently. The woman has become very ill and her doctor cannot find out what is wrong with her.

Pastor, the sweetheart put evil spirit on the wife to kill her. All different types of things came out of her. Even the man's niece and the woman came together to put evil spirit on the married woman. They used cake and soup to carry out their evil deeds. The niece did most of the dirty work. The married woman never knew what was going on. They put things in her lunch and that is what helped to cause the lady to get sick and damage her inside.

The outside woman is boasting and saying that the man doesn't believe that she did anything to cause his wife to become ill. She said that she doesn't have anything and she wants to become rich like other people, so that is why she is killing the wife - to get what the man has - because he has many things. When the wife dies, she is going to step into riches.

This is not a young man, so he needs to relax with his wife. He is not afraid of AIDS. The sweetheart just wants what the man has. It is not the man that she wants. She has been doing these wrong things for a long time. I am sorry for the wife. The wife raised this man's niece and the niece knows what is going on, but did not tell her. This woman tied the man to her. She said she used commanding powder called 'love me forever and never leave alone'. The man does not know that they are out to kill his wife. This sweetheart put a spell on the man so that he must obey her.

There are many more things I would like to say, but time does not permit me to do so. She is not stopping until she kills the wife. I am waiting for your honest opinion.


Dear D.S.,

It is, indeed, tragic that in these enlightened days, people like you believe that others can cast spell on those who do not love them and that women can tie men to them and prevent the men from leaving them. I don't doubt that you know of a man who is having an affair with another woman. It is not difficult for me to believe that his wife is really worried about the situation, but to believe and propagate that the woman with whom he is having the affair is trying to kill her through evil spirits is ludicrous. Such nonsense is from the Stone Age. And people like you who propagate such nonsense have nothing to do.

How comes you know so much? And if you know these things are factual, why haven't you gone to the wife to inform her of what you know. Why have you not told her that she should stop eating from her niece? Tell her that you know that the niece has put foreign matter in her meal. It is very strange, indeed, that you know about the cake, soup, powder, etc.

You write as if you might be the person involved and who has joined in with the niece to do the dirty deeds. If you are not lying, you are probably involved, or you are spreading propaganda on these women. I, therefore, call upon you and all women to repent, turn from your wicked ways, and serve God.


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