Boyfriend says he is not ready for a child

March 29, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am 32 years old and I am pregnant with my third child. The guy who got me pregnant says that he is not ready for a child. I accept that he's not but I have never done an abortion and I don't believe in it. Therefore, I have to make a decision whether to have the baby. I am not working, which would make it even harder if I decide to carry the pregnancy, but I do believe that if there is a will, there is a way. As I write to you, I am crying because I really don't want to do an abortion.

I have a diploma in business administration. Can you please help me to get a job so I can care for my baby? Thank you in advance. God bless you always.


Dear Pregnant

At 32, how could you allow yourself to become pregnant by a guy who is evidently very irresponsible? What a terrible mistake you made! I commend you, however, for the position you have taken in not terminating the pregnancy. Perhaps you should consider having the child and giving him or her up for adoption. Couples are always seeking children to adopt. Therefore, if you would give up this child for adoption, you should contact the Adoption Board and discuss the matter with them. You would find them to be very helpful. If anyone is willing to offer you a job, I will contact you immediately. My prayers are with you. May the good Lord bless you.


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