Living with a man but have only two underwear


March 31, 2016

Dear pastor,

Congrats on the good work your are doing. I am 22 and in an abusive relationship for four years now. It is hard for me to leave this man because he is the father of my children. I am unemployed and I depend on him. I recently saw him seeking other relationships with several other women.

I got upset and argued about it and instead of him apologising, he beats me, and hit me with a stick on my hand. It hurts really bad. He pulled a knife on me, threatened me and now he wants to have sex. I think he is doing this because he knows I have nowhere else to go.

Today, he told me to leave and take one of the children. I really need to get a job in order to leave this man's house and become independent. He treats me awfully. I only have two panties, no rag nothing at all. He does not give me money. I had become homeless and pregnant for nine months. And now, I am depressed. I fainted today. I have a severe headache from then until now.

Pastor, help me please. Help me out of this situation. I beg of you, please. I have no qualification, so it is hard for me to get a job. Pastor, help me, please. I just need a job in a wholesale, hotel or restaurant.


Dear Abused,

I recognise that I do not know you. However, I am prepared to ask the female members of the church I pastor to help you. We will have to verify what you have said. However, I do not want you to think that I believe that you are lying. It is only that we have to be so very careful with who we reach out to. It is unthinkable that a woman would only have two underwear, and that her man beats her and threatens her. You need people to love you and not condemn you. I know it is easy for folks to say that you need to get out of that man's house and to do so immediately.


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