We want to see you before we get married, Pastor

April 06, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am 41 and my fiancee is 43. We have known each other for a long time. He is divorced and my husband died. When he was married he had his eyes on me. He used to sweet-talk me.

I told him to stay with his wife because she was a good woman.

His wife divorced him because when she and another woman was pregnant for him at the same time. The woman had the child but the child died.

His wife said she could not stand the embarrassment. They got a divorce and she left for America.

When my husband died, this man kept coming around. I told him I didn't like him that way, but I got to like him. He was very persistent. He is very romantic.

I am in church and know I shouldn't be doing certain things.

He can cook, wash and clean. He is not as educated as my former husband but the things he can do, my husband never did them. I am getting to love him more and more each day.

He bought me an engagement ring. I am not wearing it as yet. We want to come to see you first. If we are going to get married, it would be a private ceremony.



Dear B.L.,

You know this man's background. You know he was a wild man because, even when he was married and you were married, he wanted you to have an affair with him.

Perhaps you believe he has changed, or, somehow, you have cooled him, so to speak.

Now that you have lost your husband and his wife has divorced him, both of you are ready to get married.

I stand ready to assist you if you believe you are doing the right thing. Call my office and make an appointment to see me.


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