I have a very mean man!


April 12, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I work as a household helper. After I finish working I always read your column. Sometimes I am in my room and have to laugh when I read what people say.

I have a friend. He lives in the Portmore area. He said that he loves me but he does not like the type of work I do.

I don't have any problem doing this work because I can take care of myself and support my two children.

When holiday comes and I want to go out, this man does not want to take me out. He always finds excuses.

My children are living with my mother, so I don't have to deal with them every time I get my weekend off.

This man has never given me any money and it has been six months since we have known each other.

I was hoping to get something from him last Christmas. I bought him cologne but when he did not give me anything I kept back the cologne and gave it to my father. This man is five years younger than I am. Maybe that is the problem.

I told my employer about him and I also told her also he has never given me anything. She said, "He is not ready for prime time." Should I leave him, Pastor?


Dear K.D.,

This man is too mean. You have never asked him for any money but he knows you have children. He could have surprised you by giving you something for Christmas.

He could have also surprised you by suggesting you go and get yourself a lovely hairdo. If he doesn't believe in giving women money, he could have bought gifts for the children. That would have been an encouragement to you.

You should end the relationship with him. Tell him it is over. Don't entertain him on the phone nor visit him.


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