My man turned me into a prostitute


April 14, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 years old and I am living with a man in Kingston. It is not a nice area, but I met him about a year ago at a function in Denbigh and we started to talk. About six months ago he told me I should come to Kingston and visit him. I came to Kingston and everything was all right. He lives alone, so I did not have to go back home that same day. After a few days I went for my clothes at home and I came back.

He has a lot of friends, including girls, and they all told me that I am beautiful. These girls go out at nights. They don't work in the day. My boyfriend encouraged me to do the same thing. Some of these girls make between $6,000 and $10,000 per night. I told my boyfriend that I didn't grow up that way. He told me that I don't have to grow up that way to earn money. He also said that if I follow the girls I would know how to work and we can rent a better place.

I went out with two of them, and after I was finished having sex with two guys I had $3,000. I told one of the girls I was tired and I wanted to go home, but I didn't know how to get home and they were not ready, so I stayed and I made $3,000 more. When I went home my boyfriend was not sleeping. He said he could not sleep because I was out and he was wondering if business was good. I told him I was not going out again, but the other girls came by and they told me that I should not stay so long with one man, and my boyfriend was just laughing. I did not know what to do so I said I will go again.

It is two weeks now that I have been going out. My boyfriend took most of the money that I made and said he was going to buy a motor- bike so we can get around together. I like him, but he stays home at nights and I have to do this type of work. He is the only person I have sex with without using a condom so I am not worried.

When I go home I am very tired, but my boyfriend says I must take a shower before I come into the bed with him. Some of these girls wear big hairstyles and they are in the business for a long time.

Pastor, I am not asking you to tell me if I should continue. I just want to know how I can get my boyfriend not to take so much of my money. I want to save and buy a house. I don't want to ride on a motorbike.


Dear L.D.,

I am sorry to hear that you have got into prostitution. Your boyfriend is not a good man. You may like him, but any man who would pimp his girlfriend is not a good man. If he truly loved you, he would encourage you to go to school and study and get yourself a good job. He would also work during the day and take care of you and pay the bills. He is a shameless man.

You don't want me to tell you not to engage in prostitution, but if you continue to do so you will get washed up because you are not getting enough sleep. Although you told me that I should not tell you to quit this kind of job, I will still do it nevertheless. You should go back to rural Jamaica. Leave this man. You came to Kingston and your motive was perhaps good, but now you see what you have to do. That should make you want to return to your humble way of life in rural Jamaica. Get out of this man's place. Don't spend another week there. It won't be long before everybody in the area in which you live know that you are a prostitute. You are young. You have made mistakes, but you have time to correct those mistakes.

It is wrong for this man to take most of your money. Again, I say, he is a wicked man. Tell him you want back your money and you are not interested in riding on his motorbike. If he tries to physically abuse you in anyway, report him to the police.


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