My wife is putting on too much weight


April 18, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you from the west. I am 50 years old and my wife and I have two children. The two children are big and on their own. My wife does nothing except talk people's business with her friends every day, eat, drink and get fat. Her belly is so big that it hangs over. I am tired of talking to her to take off some weight, but she turns it on me and says nothing is wrong with her because when she goes on the road men admire her and calls to her. She even told me that if I don't like her this way I can go on the street.

Pastor, do you think it is fair for a woman I have married for so many years to tell me I should have sex with girls on the street? I am hoping to hear from you.


Dear P.L.,

Some people would say that you have treated your wife so very well that she believes the way to show it is to become very heavy. She has nothing to do but enjoy herself with her friends and listen to the latest suss. But don't worry, dear sir, if she is in good health you have nothing to worry about.

May I suggest that you encourage this woman to go for long walks every day. Don't just tell her to walk, accompany her. Let it become routine. Cut down on the starches and on sweets. Help her to cook and in so doing, you would be sure that she is cooking a balance meal.

Ignore what she told you about getting other women. If you were to do so she would go crazy. She is only running up her mouth, so to speak. She doesn't mean what she said.


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