Boyfriend turned MP then left me


April 25, 2016

Dear Pastor,

My boyfriend decided to break up with me after he won the 2016 election and became a member of parliament (MP). He has caused me so much pain. I tried to talk to him, but he refused to talk to me. I did so much for him before he became a MP. I did whatever he wanted me to do. Up to this day, he has not apologised for all the pain he has caused me. What should I do?

Initials withheld

Dear Writer,

I wonder whether you did something to embarrass this man during the election campaign and he came to realise that it is not wise for him to continue having an intimate relationship with you. I don't know what the problem is, I am just guessing. Perhaps he feels that you are no more in his league and it would be unwise for him to associate himself with you now that he is a member of parliament.

Could it be that during the election, when he was looking for votes, he had many girls claiming to be that special woman in his life? Perhaps he didn't say anything because he needed their votes and he also needed them to campaign for him. I have observed that you said that whatever he wanted you to do you did, but things have changed now. He does not need such assistance again.

It would be helpful to you, I am sure, if this man would just call you and reason with you and at least tell you that he is sorry for causing distress in your life. I am sure you would feel much better. Although you have not mentioned it to your friends and relatives, they would know that both of you were lovers. Some may even laugh at you because this man has dumped you, so to speak.

I can only assure you of my prayers. I am sure that you will get over this man and that you will find a better man who would love you and respect you. I am withholding your initials so that no one would easily identify who you are.


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