Let the mean men go to hell


April 26, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I was listening to your show and heard a drug dealer talking to you about women. Why doesn't he talk about men who want women to support them?

When some men have money they still want the women to spend their money in the house on food, clothes and children, among other things, while the men spend their money on themselves and at the bar.

He goes out and spends his money on whores too.

Men do not want to give women money. Men steal from their wives to give to other women. Let the mean men go to hell, especially those born in the month of May. These men are thieves, liars and Judases and that is the truth.


Dear T.J.,

I do not know why you believe that all men born in the month of May are dishonest. I am sure you are wrong. Perhaps you have had bad experiences with men born in May.

However, it is unfair for you to condemn all men who were born in May. They did not choose the month they were born.

All women should learn to protect their money. Some men are good in working with their women, especially if they are living together.

They budget, they pay the bills, save and invest. If a man does not trust his woman, he should not have certain accounts with her.

If a woman knows that her man is a gambler, a drunkard or is having extramarital affairs, she should not do anything jointly with him. She may end up losing everything.

If they are not married she should not make plans for marriage, at all, with him. Some women would have done much better in life had they not got emotionally and sexually involved with certain men.


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