The people at church don't like my girlfriend


April 26, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 21. I have a girlfriend who is 19. We go to the same church. She is very flirty. Some people don't like her because of that.

They tell me not to get involved with her because I am a decent boy and she is always going out.

When she should be in church she is at the movies. I told her what people are saying. She said she is not doing anything bad, I must stop listening to people and those who are telling me stories about her don't like her.

I like her and I know she is not bad. She is still a virgin. How could she still be a virgin and be bad? We have never had sex. I know she is not lying about her virginity.

I respect you so I won't tell you how I know but you can guess. She is very bright and planning to do medicine.

My parents like her and always include her when we have family gatherings. My girlfriend said one of the women told her I should have dated her daughter because she is more good looking. For that reason, she stopped talking to the woman.

My pastor was passing and saw me talking to my girlfriend. He said, "Lovely couple", and went about his business.

Nothing is going to prevent me from loving her. I am her first boyfriend. The others were just playmates. What do you say, Pastor?


Dear W.T.,

Continue to have a good relationship with this young woman. It seems to me your girlfriend is very outgoing. Some people may misunderstand that to mean she is too popular. You said she is flirty but you are using the word 'flirty' in a good way. You said she is a virgin and you believe her, even throwing out a challenge to me.

Dear sir, I do not doubt you a minute. I would only caution both of you to be careful.

You don't go so close to the cliff to prove that your driving skill is excellent. You keep far away from the cliff to make sure you don't go over. So be very careful how far you go with this girl. Remember, you are not yet married.

I am glad your parents have accepted the young woman. You can have a great future together. Tell her not to allow what people say to upset her. I wish you well.


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