Does this pastor like me?


May 02, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Lots of blessings to you, pastor. I have been reading your column from a very tender age and I enjoy reading it. They say that I got the habit from my dad. Anyway, this is my first time writing to you, and I would really appreciate your advice.

I am a 21-year-old Christian lady, single and very much waiting on God to bless me with the husband he wants me to have. My mother and I visited a deliverance church and met this young, single pastor. He was divorced before he became a Christian. He is more like a prophet. I think he can see what is going on in a person's life. He can tell whether there will be blessings coming one's way 10 or 20 days before it happens.

He lives on the same route I use to get home, and because my mother drives, she would help him to get home by dropping him at the nearest point to his home; so my mom and I became friends of this pastor. He has a church of his own. Anyway, this pastor decided that he wants us to be a part of his ministry, and so, from that point, we have been following him around in spreading the Word.

One Sunday, he planned to visit another church. At that time he did not have anyone to accompany him, so he decided to stop by my house to greet my mom and to ask me to accompany him to the church. He told my mother and we headed out on our journey. During the time we were travelling, he was acting strangely around me and was bossy. He was asking me if I had anything bothering me because, he said, he was a counsellor.

I told him I have problem with many friends from my previous workplace. They text my phone asking me to have intimate relationship with them, and I would remind them that I am a Christian and that I want God to provide me with a husband. I told him that I want God to keep me safe from lust. He started quoting some scriptures to me. He told me what he saw in me.

On our way home, he looked at me now and then. The look was in a loving way. I think he even tested me by wanting to run the red traffic light, and so I held on to his hand for him to stop. While stopping, he looked at me and smiled.


My mom and I went to visit the deliverance church again and there I got to see him. By the end of the service, he prayed for a young girl who had a baby and he prophesied about the girl and told her that she will get a husband at such and such time. Then he lifted his head to the congregation and said "Why some men can't get good women?" and while saying, that he looked at me, there in the congregation, for a short while.

I started wondering why this man looked at me. I have been taking everything about this pastor into consideration and praying, asking God why he behaves the way he does around me and so on.

Tell me pastor, what do you think? Is he interested in me secretly or what? I really don't know.


Dear A.D.,

I have no doubt in my mind that this pastor loves you. All that he is carrying on now is antics. He is not coming clean to you. You say that he is more like a prophet and that he can see things 10 or 20 days before they occur. They are so many of these types of preachers around these days and the amazing thing about them is that people believe in their nonsense.


Many years ago, these people attracted certain types of clients, but now they seem to be drawing everybody, so to speak. One wonders whether they are engaged in a money- making business. I know for sure that some who claim to have the gift of prophecy are lying.

This preacher should tell you straight up whether or not he loves you or whether or not he wants to be in a relationship with you. I have observed, however, that you have not said whether or not you like him. I do feel that you do. You mentioned about the woman he prayed for and what he said. I think that you are smart enough to know the motive of this preacher.

I suggest, therefore, that you discuss this matter with your mother. She is much older than you and she would tell you what she has observed about this preacher and whether he is interested in you.

You don't know much about this man. You don't know why he divorced his wife or why his wife divorced him. Although he is a pastor, you shouldn't take it for granted that he is a very good man. If he is interested in you, you should try to find out everything about him, and also if he wants you to be his woman.

You are only 21 years old, you don't need to be in a rush to have a man. And don't allow anyone who comes to you in the name of Christianity to fool you. Remember, not all who claim to be prophet, pastor, elder, evangelist, shepherd, apostle, or Christian worker are genuine. If this man continues to show interest in you, tell him that you would like both of you to make an appointment to see a family counsellor before the relationship goes further.


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