I am feeling worthless since I failed my exams


May 03, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have always loved to read your column and the advice you give. I am a young girl who, 17 years old. I attended high school and graduated. I was successful in eight subjects, in 1s and 2s at age 16. My passion was always cooking and I always wanted to be a chef.

When I graduated I decided to pursue that dream by getting a HEART certificate, level 2, so I went to a school linked to HEART. When it was time for exams I thought I was fully prepared. When it was time for the practical exam nothing went right for me. I knew at that very moment that I had failed but thought I passed the theory part. To my surprise, I failed everything I'm devastated.

The resit is in September, but I feel so ashamed of myself. I can't sleep. I feel like I tried my best and got nothing. What advice can you give me? I feel like no one understands.

Initials withheld

Dear Reader,

Perhaps you were over-confident that you would have done very well in your exams so you did not give your all to your studies. Perhaps you did not spend enough time to study and were not careful in the practical part of the exam, so you failed.

Failure is not always bad. Sometimes when someone fails it causes him or her to come to his or herself and to realise that nothing good is easy or a walkover, so to speak. Swallow your pride, go back to the drawing board. Give the matter your best shot this time and you will succeed.


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