My husband cheated on me, now I am cheating on him


May 03, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I listen to you every night on your topic about money and friends. I believe friends are important but nothing can beat money.

I am 45 and my husband in 50 years old. We have been married for 20 years. He claims he is a hard worker and has a lot of friends.

When he gets money, he goes to the bar and buys for everyone. When he comes home, he is broke. He went abroad to work. When he came back, he went into the district and bought out every bar. By the time he was here for a few months, he had no money.

When he was away I found a man, who treated me well. He called me every day and asked if everything was going well. When I wanted to go to the doctor, he gave me money. My husband is not like that. I had to beg him for money to go to the doctor.

This man has money but he doesn't show off. He respects me and I respect him. I know his wife but she does not know we are having an affair. She is a lovely lady.

I don't feel bad about our relationship because I am not taking away anything from her. He will never marry me because he does not plan to leave his wife.

This man is 70 but he satisfies me better than my husband. He has never slept at my house, he only visits. When we want to have time together, he takes me at his favourite spot.


Since I am have been this man, I have had a good-looking account. I am working. I don't have to spend a lot except on myself. It has been five years now since I have been with this man. My husband does not go abroad to work anymore.

My husband kept women with me for many years. They got more than what I got. Now I am keeping a man with him. I think he suspects but doesn't know the man. This man has two cellular phones. Whenever I call one, it goes to voice mail and he calls me back.


Dear F.D.,

How long do you plan to continue in this relationship with this 70-year-old man? You seem to be saying you don't intend to stop because this man is giving you all that you need and you are happy. I am sure you heard the saying, "The longest rope has an end".

Sometimes people do things that are wrong but have enough common sense to know that if they continue, they will be caught. You should not behave as if you are so wise that you cannot make a mistake one day. Your husband will know that you have been cheating with another man for a long time.

From what you have said, your husband has been playing the fool. He has wasted his money on women and on alcoholic beverage. He has not provided enough for you, so you have decided to cheat. Other women have robbed you by taking a lot from your husband. He has given to them what should have been given to you, so that both of you could have enjoyed a better marriage. Now you are taking away from the 70-year-old man's wife what she should be enjoying.

Perhaps, you may say the man can afford it, and that might be true. The man can afford to give you whatever you desire but, regardless how you look at it, had it not been for you, he would be better off. So now that you have gotten so much from him, I urge you to tell him it is time to end the relationship.


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