Two women fought over my husband


May 05, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have been living with my husband for five years. We have never fussed or had a fight. However, one Sunday morning I heard that two women were at war just about two blocks from my house. To my surprise, it was my husband they were fighting over. I almost fainted.


Dear P,

I wished you had said more. Why were these two women fighting over your husband? He must have been very special to them. You almost fainted, but you didn't faint. Maybe he gives these women money and was spending more time with one over the other. Women fight over men for different reasons. But when that happens wives should never get involved. Remember, whatever happens or wherever the man roams, he has to go home.

There are occasions when wives should stay out of sweet- heart business. They must always conduct themselves as wives, respectful and honourable.


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