I cheated on my boyfriend four times


May 10, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I listen to your programme every night and thoroughly enjoy it. I always comment on your Facebook posts.

Anyway I wonder what I can do for my boyfriend to forgive me. I cheated on him four times. Since then, he does not trust me. My boyfriend has searched my phone many times to find out who I am talking to. I try to do things to show him I still love him but he disbelieves me.

Everything I do, it still seems to him that I am cheating. I still text a lot of males, even though I am not involved with them but they are interested in me.

I try many times to get off Facebook and WhatsApp but each time I delete them. I make a new account, like a month after, because I am bored and need friends to talk to.

I wish I could leave but I don't have a house.


Dear M,

Cheating on your man four times is more than enough for him not to trust you. Continuing to have many male friends will give your boyfriend the impression that you are still cheating and do not care at all. If you love your boyfriend, suggest to him that both should see a family counsellor to try resolve your problems.

You have not been showing this man much respect. Unless you change, he will not marry you.

Make up your mind what you want to do. It is not going to be easy for this man to trust you.


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