I have 3 babymothers, 4 kids with my wife


May 12, 2016

Dear Pastor,

What can I do? I have three babymothers and four children with my wife. These babymothers did not call my name because they are married and have their husbands, but the mothers know that they are my children. And I know that they are mine. I told each mother that when the children turn 18, they should tell them the truth or else I would have to tell them. All these women still take money from me. The last child is seven years old. I am a Christian now, so I am done with playing with other men's wives. My wife does not know about these children. I told her that I have outside children, but she doesn't question me about them.


Dear V.L.,

What you are saying is that you are a serious 'burner' man. But these women were slackers. They knew that they were married and were cheating on their husbands, but they did not protect themselves from pregnancy. You shouldn't be proud of yourself, either. You wouldn't want a man to have sex with your wife and get her pregnant. You have done enough damage already. Don't try to do more by insisting that each of these mothers tell the children that you are their biological father. Enough is enough, man. keep your mouth shut.


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