I wanted to tell his wife that he is a cheater


May 31, 2016

Dear Pastor:

A married man that I know who lives in America cheated on his wife when he was in Jamaica. He stays in Jamaica most of the time. I knew about the affaire but wasn't able to tell his wife because I don't have a phone number for her and she doesn't reside in Jamaica anymore. The man is well respected, but his behaviour is disgusting. He had a few affaires that I am aware of.

I was a good friend of both him and his wife. But this man is playing it smart. He tries to avoid people from his past. The woman he cheated with and I grew up in the same community. The woman is living in denial, telling people that the man is not married. She knows because people who knew him told her, but she has decided that she is not getting out of his life.

I realise that this man loves younger women because his wife is younger than he is and this woman is even younger. She could be his daughter.

The woman had a daughter for him last year. She also has two older children. Well, I'm glad the wife found out about the affaire and ended everything. But I heard she doesn't know who the woman is. He has cheated on her too many times.

Pastor, my conscience is really bothering me because I want to tell the wife about the baby because I don't think she knows, and I just want to come clean with her because I know a lot about what really happened. I haven't spoken to her in years, but I would love to reach out to her.

The man and his wife were together from she left high school for about 18 years. Pastor, this man would move Heaven and Earth for her. Not even fly could pitch on her. I saw the woman at a nail salon one day, and I wanted to ask her if she was in a relationship with this married man, but I walked away.

I don't know why these ladies love married men so much, or maybe this woman just wants a getaway to America for her and her three children.


Dear N.R.:

I am going to be very frank with you. You are nothing but a trouble-maker. You say that this man has cheated on his wife. I want to believe that you have had an affaire with him. Yes, you had. You are angry with him because he has dropped you; you are disappointed.

You say you don't want to tell his wife about the relationship he had with this girl. You know you are lying. This other girl is you. You wouldn't have the courage to tell his wife.

Girl, why you lie so? If his wife and you were such a good friends, you should have her number, and if you have misplaced it, you would have got it from somebody else. You are a very big liar.

If this man has fathered a child apart from those he has with his wife, you are the mother of this child and you know it. Who do you think you are fooling? It must be yourself. A liar you are.

You know that the man loves young women because you are one of them. If I am wrong, prove that I am by writing to me again, and when you do, give me the name of the woman who has a child by this man.

You wanted this man to help you to get to America, but things are not working out for you, and perhaps money not running as before from this man.


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