Sad couples stay together because of society

July 27, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Unfortunately, many couples have to live up to society's expectations so they continue living together even though they truthfully do not care for each other.

Many women are afraid to show up publicly alone, and so they have to give society the impression that they are in love and are taken care of by these men.

In my opinion, it is total garbage, and what women in particular need to start doing is to love themselves and stop torturing themselves in these pretentious relationships.

Many couples desire companionship, but they sleep on the same bed and are still lonely.


Dear P.W.,

Both women and men can be great pretenders, but you need to understand that even when a man and his wife are going through problems at home, the public doesn't need to know.

They can be seen together in public and fight at home until they resolve their problems or decide it is time for them to go their separate ways.

Sometimes it may take a long time for couples to decide whether they should go or stay. So don't be in a hurry to condemn those who are seen together in public but might be having problems at home.


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