Mix-up and 'passa passa' at church

August 09, 2016

Dear Pastor,

My name is Mrs J. My husband and I got baptised at a church in St Catherine. When my former friend invited me to that church, I was very overwhelmed on my first visit.

When I got baptised and became a member, all hell broke loose. There is nothing you can tell the pastors confidentially. They will tell others and preach about it.

I once told the pastor about a mishap that happened to me. By the following day, a member could approach me about it, saying that she overheard the pastor telling someone.

I am currently living in Kingston and every time I leave the church, the pastor's wife and members keep inviting me back. I visited one of their churches overseas and I was shocked. One of my Jamaican friends was there also.

One of the pastors had sexual intercourse with my friend and promised to marry her. He did not keep his promise and was about to marry another girl in the church. She began to cry.

We had to send for the bishop to resolve the problem, but the guy still did not marry her and she was sent back to Jamaica. She told me that the man misled her.

If you want mix-up and 'passa passa', come to the church. The pastor's wife is constantly accusing members of taking her husband and is always in conflict with the members. I could go on and on.




Please don't think I am superstitious, but sometimes I think that there are some forces that compel me to go to the church. Please don't change my words in this letter.

I need people to see what is going on in the foreign churches and stick to Jamaican churches. The pastors want to know my every move.

I need Holy Ghost-filled pastors to see this letter and pray for me. I feel as if I am going out of my mind. The pastors are so controlling and they bully the members. They dictate to them. I am depressed.




They tell me the amount of money to put in their offering pans. I feel trapped. Please don't get me wrong, some of these people are good persons. The Government should ensure that they do not allow these people to enslave its citizens.

I told my former friend who invited to me to the church that the pastor's wife beseeched me to be her friend and that she is superstitious. I have seen a member give the pastor's child a biscuit and the pastor's wife got upset and pushed her finger deep into the child's mouth so she could vomit it out.

I am ashamed of their conduct. The girl went back and told the pastor's wife everything that I told her. I think these persons hypnotised her.

Please give me your honest advice.

Mrs J.

Dear Mrs J.,

You told me that I should not change anything that you have written. I am sorry that I have to disappoint you. I would be very irresponsible if I publish everything that you have said. As you can see, I have not given the full address of this church.

I don't know these people and it is not my wish to know them, either. I do not know for sure that the things you have written are true.

If they are true, that church is not enjoying sweet fellowship with each other and their God. If the things that you have said are true, then I would conclude that the pastors are selfish people and they do not know the Scripture.

I do know that if you have an accusation against the pastors and other members of the church, you should go and see them and discuss the matter in person. You have the right to do so because you are a member of the church.

I do want to ask you this question: Why is it that you are still in that church if you believe that all the pastors are bad, untrustworthy and even immoral?

From what you have said, you are insinuating that the pastors do not like Jamaican people and that they are controlling. If that is so, why are you there? How can you be sure that the accusations you have made about the pastors are true?

If you are not mischievous and you are speaking the truth, would you be so kind to let me have your cell number? I would like to talk to you, and your friend also. It is better to leave this church than to cause division there. You are very superstitious.

Perhaps you need to talk to God about your own salvation and your own spiritual life. If you are not mad at me after reading my comments, let me hear from you again.


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