Help me find my soulmate

August 10, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am a Christian who found true love and lost it. I am talking about my soul-mate. Please help me to get her back.

Her name is Patricia Pink. Her last known address was Molynes Road. Her daughter's name is Trudy. She is a virtuous woman in my book, who also loves the Lord.

We were pen pal friends, and after writing each other for a few years, mainly about the word of God, we developed a chemistry which evolved into a beautiful relationship.

She agreed to become my wife. She told me that she would walk to the end of the earth with me. I thought that might mean that she would go wherever I go and be buried in the same place.

I have not heard from her since the year 2000. I don't know if she is dead or alive. I still love her and I think about her every day. She is in my heart. I know I am to be blamed for the confusion that took place because I wrote her a letter telling her that we need to revert to being good friends.

The only reason I wrote such a letter to her was because I wanted to hear from her more often. I never once doubted her love for me because I believe a with all my heart that she was the real deal.

I found out later that the letters I sent to her were intercepted. When I heard from her, she said that she had written to me and I did not respond. I know many years have passed. I still love her. Will you please find her for me?

Michael B.

Dear Michael B.,

I wish you well in your search. You sent me two telephone numbers which I cannot publish. You surely know how to put a spin on what went on between this lady and yourself.

You have not said that you are in prison, and you should have. You would have observed that some of the things you have written, I have not made public. You gave me this woman's exact address.

I hope that she or anyone who knows her whereabouts would make it known. If we hear from her, we would advise you.


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